NASA 2020. aasta parimad fotod

USA kosmoseagentuur NASA jagas parimaid fotosid, mis möödunud aastal Maast tehti.

Kuuba ja Bahama

The bright turquoise water around the Bahamas contrasts sharply with the darker blues of the open ocean. From above, the contrast allows us to see the Tongue of the Ocean, a submarine canyon descending nearly 4300 meters (14,000 feet) below the surrounding shallow bank. The variable water colors can be explained by the underwater topography and water depth (bathymetry) and how it leads to varying light absorption and reflection. In the clear and shallow waters of the Caribbean, more sunlight reflects off the sand and reef surfaces, causing the water to appear lighter in color. The shallow water that surrounds the Bahamas and outlines the Tongue of the Ocean comprise the Great and Little Bahama Banks.

NASA veebilehel leiab lisaks mitmeid albumeid, pildiotsingu ja mõistatamismängu, mis kohast pilt tehtud on.