Bangladeshi hinnad

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Local transport:
Benopol: bike- rickshaw from border to centre 20T
Chiliharti: bike-rickshaw to the border 50T (45min)
Dhaka: rickshaw from dock to hotel 50T; rickshaw stadium - railway station 30T
Khulna: rickshaw 5-10T

Khulna - Dhaka (Rocket) II class (3am - 6am next day) 555T
Mongla: rent for 1 hour to Sundarbans 100T; to village Dhangmari 25T (local paid 10T)

Benopol - Jessore: (2hours) 12T [43km]
Jessore - Khulna: (1,5hour) 15T [60km]
Khulna - Mongla (1 hour) 15T

Dhaka - Parbatipur (II class) [18.40-7.00] 180T
Parbatipur - Chiliharti (II class) [11.10-13.40] 25T

Hotel all double:
Dhaka: Down Hotel (1pm check out; hot water) 300T
Khulna: National Hotel (bath not attached check out 2p.m.) 80T

Dhaka: Fort Lalbagh 2T; Badam Tole 2T

Exchange rate:
17II Bangaon 400Rs = 468T [1Rs = 1,17T]
17II Bangaon at the border 80Rs = 92T [1Rs = 1,15T]
19II Khulna 40GBP = 3217,32T [1GBP = 80,43T]
22II Dhaka 20USD = 1012T [1USD 50,60T]
24II Haldibari 166T = 130Rs [1,277T = 1Rs]