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Eating & Drinking

Remember that prices are an estimate.

Hamburger/Cheeseburger at McDonalds you generally pay 9 SEK. A Big Mac costs 27SEK. Dinner at a cheaper restaurant about 100 SEK Kebab - 25 - 35 kr Indian or Chinese restaurant - one dish 75 -150 kr, average 85 kr Tapas – 40 - 80 kr That is what you pay for food only. It becomes more expensive if you buy beer or other drinks. Generally food prices are like in other countries. It's only booze that makes Scandinavian countries more expensive. Beer: lager 25-50 kr 1/2 litre, ales and stout around 50 kr/pint. Stick to local brews rather than imports for a cheaper price. G&T, scotch - 90-110 kr

The cheapest time to eat is lunchtime when most places have “Dagens Rätt