Further information required - Declaration

From: IMMPERN2/SERVERS/IMMI/AU"ät" Sent: +++++++++ To:

Dear Mr ++++++,

This email is in relation to your electronic working holiday (subclass 417) visa application lodged via the Department of Immigration and Citizenship website.


To enable this office to further process your electronic visa application it will be necessary for you to provide the following declarations: (please answer each declaration individually):

You have read the notes associated with this application, and are aware of the conditions that may apply and that you are required to abide by them. If granted a visa, you will advise the Australian Government of any change in your circumstances. You have not previously entered Australia as the holder of a working holiday visa. The information provided on or with your electronic visa application form is correct. You will not undertake employment for more than six months with any one employer. You will not undertake studies or training for more than four months. You have sufficient funds for the initial period of your stay in Australia. Any employment during your holiday in Australia will be short term and the purpose of working is to supplement your holiday funds.


Since 15 October 2007 all applicants for this visa must declare that they will respect Australian values and obey the laws of Australia.

As you did not make this declaration as part of your visa application you are now required to make the following declaration and return it for processing:

You declare that you will respect Australian values during your stay in

Australia and will obey the laws of Australia JNE. If you would like more information about this requirement, or are concerned about signing the declaration on the attached form, further information about Australian values and the visa requirement is available on the department’s website at

You can provide your declarations to this office by email. To ensure faster processing, please click “Reply with History” to this email and do not alter information in the subject line. JNE.

Probleem on selles, et kirjutasin declarationid mina-vormi ümber, "I declare that I will respect Australian values during my stay in Australia and I will obey the laws of Australia" jne . Eraldasin emailid aadressid ja panin kõigile "ät" lõppu sest see aadress kust mail tuli sisaldab "/" mis ei ole emaili nimes lubatud.Saatsin meili ära nendele aadressidele (IMMPERN2"ät";SERVERS"ät";IMMI"ät";AU"ät" tuli vastus et delivery failed ja error.

Kas keegi on sama probleemi ees seisnud? Kuhu Te selle emaili siis saatsite? äkki aitab selline aadress? mulle saadeti see aadress kui oli probleem sellega, et nad võtsid mult 2x viisa lõivi