Home-exchange in Holland in summer 2003

We are a family of four from Holland. We would love to visit your country, but do not like to stay in hotels. So we swap (exchange) our home during the vacation with other families from other countries in Europe. We exchanged 6x succesfully but have huge difficulties to find Estonian people in Exchange-organisations. So I try it this way. We live in a comfortable, clean and cosy terraced house in a quiet family area. We have 3 bedrooms, a new kitchen and bathroom, separate toilet, solarium, dishwasher, microwave and our home is suitable for 5 persons. We have a sunny little garden which comes with two tame bunny rabbits which need to be fed (and cuddled if you like). Our town is nicely situated and there is a lot to do. We are strictly no smoking and would our exchange partner to be as well. I am 40 and a mature student, my husband Ulrich is 42 and a technical director, Moritz our son is 14 and Aisha our daughter is 12. If you are interested please do not hesitate to ask. We would love to send you more information and pictures. We have a website: http://home01.wxs.nl/~hubalda