kõigile, kel plaanis venezuela

Valencia, 10-04-2002

Dear Estonian friends who are planing to visit Venezuela.

Greetings !!! Just a short notice. The political/social situation has gone to worse in Venezuela. The Strike was extended yesterday for 24 hours more and today it was declared by workers unions and management org. a general strike indefinite. Unrest and turmoil , such as manifestations and protests by people have extended now to all major cities . They are demanding the resignation of the President, the gabinet, Supreme court, and other public authorities and to form a new government. There have been reports of violence and some people
were badly hurt. Until now the manifestations have been more or less peaceful but people are getting very upset about the present political situation, the President and his "leftist" colaborators. Please keep in contact with your airline for special instructions and international news agencies (www....) for more information. Sorry I can not give any forecast on what could happen in the next hours or any suggestions, for now, since things change constantly by the hour.

Best regards. Arne Roostna Estonian Honorary Consul in Venezuela.