Nii nähakse meid

Pärit uudisgrupist. Värskendav teadasaamine, et kaugemalt vaadates pole Eestil ja Soomel suurt vahet miskit.

I had a great time there. The highlights were the three capitals: Tallinn, Riga, and Vilnius. All interesting in different ways. Tallinn has a marvellously preserved old town. Riga has some great architecture and is
probably the most vibrant. Vilnius has some excellent churches.

I also got out of the cities a bit and saw some smaller towns and countryside. Tartu is a great little city in
Estonia, it's a university
town. Rouge was a very nice village and district in SE Estonia. And Pilsrundle south of Riga is a very nicely restored palace. Built by the guy that created the Winter Palace in St Petersburg.

If I wanted to make sweeping generalisations I'd say that Estonia reminded me of Finland, Latvia of Russia, and Lithuania of Poland. Not very surprising really given their locations and history.