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@oahusurf sul laks siis hasti, kuulates siin kohalike valismaalaste kogemusi, kes pidevalt nn visa run'e teevad (nii maad kui ohku mooda), siis kui kysitakse raha naha, keegi pole alla 20,000 labi saanud (voi mis iganes muu valuuta mis selle summaga vordne on). Parem karta, kui kahetseda, arvan ma :)

See 2x aasta jooksul viisavabalt sisenemine kehtib siis kui ei sisene riiki lennujaama kaudu. Kui lendad siis piirangut peal ei ole, aga muidugi tekib mingi hetk piiril küsimusi kui liiga palju 'visa excempte' passis on. Kanna ka 20,000thb väärtuses sularaha kaasas kui riiki sisened st piiril kontrollitakse seda üha enam just turistina sisenedes kui juba rohkem templeid passis on. 

Vaga ilus saar, lisan siia my Sardiinias elava sobra kommentaarid ja nouanded (mis ta meile jagas aasta tagasi), akki on sellest kasu (kindlasti on!):

Cagliari can be visited in 1 day, and You needn't car for that. Some place around You could visit, as Villasimius village and beaches, Pula village and beach. But nothuing to have with Alghero or Castelsardo for example. I mean: You don't find interesting villages or towns full of history or culture like in the north. They are only simple and small touristic sites, which work in high season. But all the rest of the year are totally empty. So forget to find autenticity and traditions there.

But if You only need to enjoy some swim or relaxing on the beach, the I suggest You Villasimius, Pula o Chia (all of them not less then 50 or 70 kms from Cagliari. Anyway, Cagliari has a long beach too. Its name is Poetto Beach. You need to take a bus to get there. It takes only 5 or 10 minutes.

Car You could use if You really decide to move to the other places I mentioned above.

Main archeologic places are Barumini "Su Nuraxi"(Nuragic Age) and Nora (Old Roman Village". Cagliari town has a interesting old center, with a castle. In the evening You can enjoy some bars or restaurants too.

  • is it better to take the bus/train to Alghero right away and rent a car there to see all the west coast?
  • I think it is better to take the train or bus, and go to Alghero, surely!! There I will suggest You how to rent a car, if You will keep this idea to go around on Your own ;)
  • Also, is it possible to rent a car in Sardinia and take it to Corsica or because it’s a different country, do we need to rent it separately?
  • Yes, You can rent a car in Sardinia and go to Corsica. No problem. In Corsica I will suggest You some nice places as well in separated mail, or directly when You will be here.

Siinkohal minu enda markus - soovitan autoga korsikale minna, see pole kallis, ja seal kohe mugav ringi soita. Ja korsikale tuleks kindlasti minna, praam laheb santa maria di gallura'st mis olbiast vaga kaugel pole.

Lot of things to do here in Sardinia, as i said You ;)

  • and be sure that You will discover nice corners of Paradise... Especially about nature and traditions, nice villages where the time is stopped.

Generally I can say You that mostly of interesting things You could visit here, are in the north, as You understood.

There are a few Medioevals villages in the north west, something that You couldn't find in other parts of island... Places like Alghero (You just visited), Castelsardo, Bosa for example... or fishermen villages like Stintino, Santa Teresa, Isola Rossa, Palau are unique and uncomparable! Check it to believe! Word of a True Traveler ;)

In the south it worthes a visit Cagliari, as I just told You before. Some beaches around there (Villasimius, Chia, Porto Pino) Interesting is the "Nuraghe Barumini", a sign of our ancient culture of Nuragic Age (about 1800 a.c.). Another nice area is in the east side of Island. There is Nuoro County. It is a mix of fantastic coast lines and incredible inland with mountain, forests, rivers and lakes too. A visit You haven't to miss in Cala Gonone area. And if there is possible in that time You could ask for a coast tour by boat. From the port usually starts a service which connects the village with the most interesting places along the coast around. Really wondering!!!! Sometime You can find some fisherman or local people which is willing to carry You there for no so expensive price...

Generally the connections with buses or trains are not good in Sardinia. Only Cagliari and Sassari have regular connections everyday, but often the time sheet is not so confortable. To say You about connections with others sides of Island better don't say. I feel shame on that. But it is so :( So it is good if You have the car as You said me. With a good map You can visit more and freely.

Here is what I propose You:

1 - Alghero (nice medioeval village, drive on its

coastline till Fertilia and Capocaccia Cape, discover

the beaches of Le Bombarde, Lazzaretto and the wilder beach of Porto Ferro, visit Neptune Caves (opened all year long) by boat from Alghero Port by boat or walking down along the cliffs from Capo Caccia Cape.

Place to stop for a good meal in Alhero: Poldo (infront of Port). It is a self service with veranda outside. Good also for only some sandwich too. And if You can, don't miss to have a lunch or dinner in Agriturismo Sa Mandra (close to airport of Alghero). Autentic and traditional mood and cooking for 35 euro per person for a all inclusive meal, but really a lot to eat there.

2 - driving from Alghero on the precious western coast road to Bosa. It is very interesting route with a wonder Nature around. You will want to stop here to take pics many times I guess ;) Bosa: visit old center and castle, possible to take boat trip in the river till the monastery.

3 - Stintino: (visit the village, La Pelosa Beach and ancient Aragonese Tower on the beach and, if You have time, visit The Asinara Island just in front of Stintino, You can visit that with jeep, small and funny train which You will see in Alghero too, or by bus. Another interesting thing: it could be very interesting to drive on the roadcoast which links Alghero to Stintino. On this way You can visit the ancient silver mine of Argentiera, mistery and scary mood); and the sea there is very good for surf...

Place to have a restoration in Stintino: La pelosetta Restaurant o Snack bar I Ginepri (just on the beach of La pelosa.

4 - Castelsardo (precious medioeval sea village. Take a visit in the old center, great panoramas and seaviews and visit the Elefant Rock and Nuraghe "Sa Eni" close to Elephant Rock no far from the village. Place for appetizers and a good drink is the wine bar "Le Cisterne" or even "Bounty Restaurant" in the old center. If You want to spend only a bit, then look for Il "Piccolo Borgo", in the old center. Here You can have some traditional appetizers for 10 or 15 euro, drinking red wine too.

5 - Santa Teresa di Gallura (Visit the village, Capo Testa Cape and "La Valle della Luna" (Moon Valley). Place to have meal: in the main square and around, You can find some place to eat.

6 - Porto Rotondo (visit the village)

7 - Baia Sardinia (visit the village)

8 - Porto Cervo (nice and precious village and beaches of Capriccioli and Romazzino named "Spiaggia del Principe" or Prince Beach too)

9 - Poltu Quatu (nice village)

10 - Liscia di Vacca (nice and delighted small village. I'd name it a small Venice of Sardinia...

When You are visiting the area of Porto Cervo, Porto Rotondo, Baia Sardinia and even Olbia, then I advice You to choose an agriturismo which You could find wherever, with always good meals and quality of service. My favorite there is "Sa Cresja Ezza" (The "Old Church" in local dialet). Very traditional place with a great cooking, without doubts. There is possible to sleep too. The bungalows are furnished in Sardinian Style, very clean and confortable for very good price. If You want You can say that You are my friend to Nuccio, the owner of the agriturismo.

Let's continue.....

11 - Cala Gonone (a place with nice mountains, cliffs and beaches, possible to take a public boat and to get to preciouses beaches of Cala Mariolu, Cala Sisine, Cala Luna and Cala Goloritze. Possible visit all these beaches by bike or treking. Very interesting!!! but it takes some hours. For lunch or dinner I suggest You "Su Gologone" (A few kilometers far from Cala Gonone, on the on the road from Cala Gonone to Nuoro. It is a country restaurant and hotel, which is great with hospitality and cooking. Very famous in all Sardinia Island. Nice place... All around the area of Cala Gonone or Dorgali, another interesting municipality in that area, is possibile to take many escursions: Su Gorroppu, Tiscali, Corrasi, Cala Goloritze'...

12 - La Maddaleana Archipelago (take a trip with car all around the island of La Maddalena and its village, visit Caprera Island and Giuseppe Garibaldi House. You can get La Maddalena in 15 minutes by ferry boat from Palau. Visit others its Islans: Spargi, Budelli and Santa Maria Islands from La Maddalena by boat. It is something You could not forget anymore in Your life... Aga kas vana aasta ohtuks enam vabu kohti on, pole kindel.

Enda lemmikud nt Mango Tree, Thai Garden, Crazy Bear, Claridges, L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon, kuid usun, et need juba ammu tais broneeritud.

Ega selle CoudhSurfing'uga kyll nii ei ole, et kui oomaja on organiseeritud, inimesega kokku lepitud, ja siis lihtsalt ymber moelda, et soidame nyyd kuskile mijale; see pole tasuta hotell, see idee parem kohe peast visata. Vabadnust, kui sain su mottest valesti aru ja yleliia kuri olen, aga viimasel ajal tuleb aina rohkem ja rohkem ette neid, kes arvavad, et see on mingi tasuta hotelli teenus, mis alati saadaval. Loodan siiralt, et sina ja su sobrad nende hulka ei kuulu.

Netiyhenduse kohta Korsikal ei tea, aga Sardiinias wifit eriti ei nainud, kuid samas ei otsinud ka, sest lapakaid kaasas polnud. Internetipunkte/kohvikuid oli ikka igas linnas, ja need olid vaga vaga odavad.

Laevayhenduse on igati korralik. ei tea kas sygisel teine graafik v aastalabi yks graafik, aga detsembris/jaanuaris kais see praam 4 korda paevas vist, nii et me laksime esimese praamiga Korsikale (7.30am) ja tulime eelviimase v viimasega tagasi, kuaskil 4pm paiku; soit kahe saare vahel kestis vist tunnikese. Piletid olid ysna soodsad, ma ei maleta hinda enam kahjuks, aga autoga minek oli nats kallim. . . . lisas suured algustähed kohanimedele!

Olen molemat saart kylastanud mitmed korrad ja kuigi eelkirjutajal on oigus, et rannad on Sardinias (eriti laanes) vorratult kaunid, siis see on jah veidike rahulikum ja unisem koht kui Sitsiilia. Muidugi soltub mis tyypi puhkust te tahate.

Kui tahad turistivabat puhkust, siis jaa Pohja-Euroopasse. Kuigi Sardiinia on "vaiksem", pole seal vahem turiste. Ja nt Sitsiilia koige ilusam linn, minu saisukohalt, on Taormina ja seal kaib super ooelu (kuid see ei tohiks kedagi segada ega peatada kultuurilist elamust saamast). Sitsiilias olen ka parimat toitu saanud, halba restorani on rakse leida, halba veini seal ei tunta. Ja mis koige tahtsam, inimesed on seal minu arvates palju sõbralikumad, avatumad ja "maalahedasemad" kui Sardiinias. Ja seda ka suurlinnades, mitte ainult pisikestes juhuslikult leitud kylakestes. Ja ega Sitsiilia rannad Sardiiniale alla jaa.

Kui aega on, siis kylasta molemat. . . . rõhutab, et lause ja kohanimed algavad suure algustähega. Palume seda nõuet järgida!

Aga ma imestan, et te nii palju maksaksite. Ma sain kaheks nadalaks 300 euriga Maggiorest. Autoga oled oma aja peremees ja ei ole see liiklus ka lounas miskit nii hull kui paljud kipuvad hirmutama (need pole tavaliselt ise seal soitnudki). . . . rõhutab, et lause ja kohanimed(firmanimed) algavad suure algustähega. Palume seda nõuet järgida!

Teema kyll vana, aga kuna olen ise aktiivne couchsurfingi 'teenuste' kasutaja, lisaksin oma kaks senti:

  • kuigi mulle meeldib, et inimesed sellele reisimisevariandile avatud on ei meeldi mulle need kes seda kui tasuta hotelli kasutavad, seega arge end parem regage

Nii, nyyd positiivse poole pealt, nagu haaletaja juba mainis, siis ma pole leidnud paremat voimalust reisides sopru leida, uut kultuuri ja tavasid 'seestpoolt' tundma oppida, elada nagu kohalikud etc etc - oma esimese hostiga olen siiani (5a hiljem) hea sober ja kohtun paar korda kuus, teistega pean siiani yhendust, synnipaevadel helistame, msnis suhtleme pea iga nadal. Olen piisavalt hotellides peatunud, et eelistada kellegi inimese pisikest diivait suurele hotellitoale.

Voiksin vabalt essee kirjutada sellel teemal, aga parem koigil ikka ise heauskselt katsetada.