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vaatasin seda lehte ja leidsin ka sellised huvitavad märkused..

Taxes are included in the rate requested for these properties. Taxes are displayed on the Hotel Reservation page and are added to the total.
Rates may be based on the number of persons occupying a room. Additional persons in the room may cause the hotel to change the rate confirmed.
Hotel Requests for specific features such as bedding type or non-smoking rooms are simply that, and while most hotels will strive to honor your requests, neither HH nor the hotel guarantee that your request will be honored.
You will be paying for the basic room rate and applicable taxes at the time of confirmation. A credit card charge will appear on your next statement from Additionally, a convenience fee will be assessed upon the processing of the reservation. This fee is non-refundable, and may be changed at any time. Please make sure to read the Handling Methods portion of the booking form to calculate the convenience fee associated with your reservation.
In order to offset the costs associated with processing your reservation, a one time, non-refundable Service Fee will be assessed in the amount of $7.95 per night. This fee will be charged when you place this reservation and will appear on your credit card statement as a charge from Hotel Hotline.

ise vaatasin siit lehelt bookinghouse linki ja sain
ei tea nüüd kumb parem pakkumine on???