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According the meteorlogy, the statisticals for Antalya in april is such:

avarage temprature: 15.8C
avarage hottest: 21.4C
avarage coldest: 10.6C
avarage sunny time a day: 8 hours
avarage rainy days in april: 7.3 days

hottest in the history: 33.2C
coldest in the history: 1.4C

source: http://meteor.gov.tr/veridegerlendirme/il-ve-ilceler-istatistik.aspx?m=ANTALYA

current sea tempratures:

If the you would like to see the current tempratures, click over the city on the map: (the climate in different cities in turkey are different)


and for me, the best season of Turkey is september...