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Jah, Eestis elab albaanlasi, ma elan siin, Eestis, Tallinnas juba 8 kuud.
Olen albaanlane, kes elab Eestis ja sooviksin leida teiste Eestis elavate albaanlaste kontakte.


At Jüri,

Have you also visited Berat and Gjirokastra? These are towns which have nice castles and a lot of old architecture. Shkodra, in the north, also has a big castle, though it has been partly destroyed during series of wars. Another part you should visit is also the upper northern area, or the Albanian Alps, where you can find an alpine nature, and wild mountains, inhabited by very few people.


Well, many roads are bad, but some are quite good. About Kepi i Rodonit, i wouldn't expect to have a road there, as it is a headland which is accessible by walking along the coast. I don't see a reason why there should be a paved road to that area, which in my opinion should be a natural park. You cannot expect that there are paved roads in every corner of Albania, otherwise the whole country would turn into a big chunk of asphalt.

Tere, minu nimi on Edvin.
Ma olen albaanlane, aga praegu ma elan Tallinnas. Ma sooviksin teada kui te teate teiste albaanlaste elavad eestis.