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Dear client who cancelled the trip on 18.2 (travel 27.2-8.3.2020), 

Although you do not mention your name we were able to identify your booking, and I looked into it. 

First of all, your refund has been processed to your credit card, so unless you have not yet received it, please contact your bank. It can take 3-5 days depending on your bank and credit card company. If you haven't received the money in a week, feel free to come back to us/this forum. In fact, we'd appreciate if you could come back to this forum also if you receive it, so that everyone would know that we are not trying to keep anyone's money. 

That said, it is true we are "blaming" the coronavirus. Although you cancelled your trip on 18.2 prior to the situation "exploding", this unprecedented situation is extremely hard to manage. There are millions of flight and hotel cancellations, obviously we do not have millions ourselves, but our suppliers and airlines have to deal with it and it is impossible to get any answers from them for the past 10 days, and likely the situation will remain the same for the next weeks/month atleast. 

Also have in mind that when someone cancels a trip (like you), 10 days prior to the departure, we have already paid the airline and the hotel to guarantee your stay, so refunding even under normal circumstances does not happen in a week. We need to process the cancellation, request a refund also from the hotel, and then wait for them to credit to us until we credit it to the client. This is a process that can easily take 20-30 days. If a trip is cancelled months in advance, we might be able to process refunds faster, because we might not yet have had to pay the hotel, so there is less work and less delays. 

Hope this clarifies a little how and why refunds sometimes take time, with or without "coronavirus". In any case, as stated above, it has been processes, so please follow up with your bank now. 

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