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1.KESKTURG... :)



Eating peanut soup with meatballs in Bolivia. Then discovering the meatballs were bull balls.



  1. was in a bus in peru when i heard the two 14-year-old kids whispering behind me "when the gringo gets off, you threaten him with the knife, i grab his bag and we start running". not knowing i am proficient in spanish, the kids were amazed to listen to me telling them "are you kids gonna stab me in the stomach or in the heart? just to know". they said "ooops, we thought you were an american, sorry for that, wanna go for a coffee'"?. i certainly didn't, but at least i wasn't stabbed.


Top 5 Travel Tips for Thailand You Probably Won’t Find in the Guidebooks.

  • Thai beer is rumoured to contain lots of formaldyhyde. This could be true because Boozehound Bondine, propped up at the end of the bar in Pattaya’s 24 Hour Club, died back in January and nobody’s noticed.


tõepoolest tänuväärne link!

ja mõelda vaid ma pole kunagi Tallinna Keskturul käinud - age tegelikult ei kutsu eriti ka peale seda kirjeldust..

lahe oleks lugeda eestlaste top 5-si (näiteks siit tripist), aga et see nõuab pikemat mõtisklust, siis kahjuks ise otsa lahtitegemiseks pole aega..