Reisivideod veebis

Keegi vanake Intrepid Berkeley Explorer serveerib omi täispikki reisivideosid eri maadest. Kui ise kohale minna ei saa, siis saab vähemalt mingit aimu, mis toimub :)

päris head asjad.... baltikum ja venemaa anno domini 1996... coca-cola trammid ja muu nostalgia... ihihii

I appreciate the interest in my travel videos from Estonians. Still have no idea what the posts say, but at least I know where this forum comes from.

Back in 1996 it was fun exploring old Talinn, taking pictures of the walls, gates, and towers with those great names, plus the American companies already so visible on streetcars.

Should this actually get posted, I would welcome comments in English to my e-mail address at Unlike Europeans, my language skills are extremely limited.

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