Supplementary Declaration? Viisa tegemisel oleks abi vaja

Kopsupildid saadetud, avasin oma application statuse ja sain sellise kirja:S? Keegi äkki oskab aidata

Your application cannot be decided unless you provide a supplementary declaration to the Department in relation to your visa application.

Please refer to the separate notification from the Department in relation to this requirement.

If you have not received an e-mail or letter regarding this requirement, please contact the Department by selecting the Contact the Department link on the Application Status Page.

Where you have received your separate notification, please respond to the Department as per the instructions in that notification.

If you have not replied within 28 days of first receiving a request for this information, a decision may be made on your visa application based on all the information available to the Department at that time. You are considered to have first received a request for this information:

* at the end of the day we first requested the information by email;
* or where you have not given us the authority to communicate with you electronically, within 7 days of a letter being sent to you.

Oota email ära, seal on ilmselt kirjas mida sinult veel teada tahetakse.