Itaalia: Lecce või Bari?


kahjuks ei leidnud foorumist infot Lecce ega Bari kohta. Kas keegi oskab jagada infot kummas võiks veeta 5 päeva? Soov on veidi aega logeleda rannas ja nautida ehedat Itaalia eluolu. Ise ei ole varem sinnakanti sattunud ja oleksin igasuguse info eest tänulik, ööbimiskohtade soovitused jms. ;)

Allpool toodud kirjeldus on võetud MSC Cruises 2015.a. kruiisi ekskursioonide pakkumiste kirjeldustest:


  1. This interesting tour of Bari gives you a chance to take a leisurely walk around the historical quarter of Bari Vecchia and its medieval architecture. A visit to the Basilica of St. Nicholas, which was built in honour of Baris patron saint, is included. Founded towards the end of the 11th century A.D., the basilica has now been an important religious pilgrimage site for nearly a millennium. An exterior viewing of Baris old Norman castle is also on the tour itinerary. Aeg planeeritud 4h.
  2. Leave the port of Bari for a scenic 1-hour coach ride through the Italian countryside to Alberobello, a town in the Apulia region that forms the top of the heel of the boot of Italy. Thanks to its distinctive mortarless round stone houses with conical roofs, known as trulli, the town was added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites in 1996. Your tour includes a guided walk through the delightful streets of this most unusual village plus a visit to St. Antonio, the only trullo church in the world. Many of these trullo houses are topped by a so-called pinnacolo a sort of white cap or sphere and all of them have curious symbols, possibly good-luck charms, painted on the roofs. Aeg planeeritud 4h.
  3. Leave the port for an hours drive to the Caves of Castellana where we will meet our guide for a fantastic subterranean journey through the cave complex. The caves were first explored in 1938, although their existence had been known since the XVIII century. At 60 metres deep, marvel at the cave chambers and the myriad of alabaster stalagmites and stalactites encrusted with calcite crystals. Back above ground we will travel on to Polignano a Mare, a lovely town perched high on a rock with wonderful views over the sea. Choose a guided tour of the village or to explore the pretty whitewashed streets on your own, meandering under the flowered arches and enjoying the hillside terrace that overlook the sea. Please note: excursion not recommended for guests who are claustrophobic or with walking difficulties. The itinerary inside the caves is on uneven, slippery path. Aeg planeeritud 4h.
  4. Enjoy a 1-hour drive to Matera, the city of the weird and wonderful Sassi, caves and the first town in the world to be declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. These caves were inhabited from the Neolithic times right up until 1952. Perhaps because of its unique and tangible history, the atmosphere here is extraordinary and the place exudes a mystic air. We will either visit a furnished Sassi cave museum house and one rocky church that are symbol of the local culture. Many film directors have chosen to set films in Matera as it is such an evocative place and Mel Gibsons controversial film, The Passion of the Christ, was shot here. Please note: guests will mette guides in Matera; the bus drive is unguided. This tour is not suitable for passengers with walking difficulties or using a wheelchair; long periods of walking. Aeg planeeritud 4h.
  5. About a 1-hour coach drive up the coast from the port of Bari lies the pretty harbour town of Trani, your destination on this enjoyable tour, which combines a sightseeing leg with a chance to sample some of the delicious locally produced olive oil. Tranis long and rich history, which dates back to its 9th-century foundation, is still prominent in the town to this day. As you make your way around the towns history trail, your first stop will be Svevo Castle, an imposing 13th-century fortification of highly rectilinear construction that overlooks the sea. You will have some time to explore and enjoy the views at your leisure before you continue on to the 11th-/12th-century Cathedral of San Nicola Pellegrino. Built in honour of San Nicola the Pilgrim, this magnificent Romanesque-style building is a real treasure, with the stunning stained-glass windows, the remains of a 12th-century mosaic floor and the transversal crypt dedicated to San Nicola particularly worthy of mention. The sightseeing leg of the tour ends with a refreshing walk along the seafront promenade before the coach then takes you to an old oil mill for an informative visit and a chance to tantalise your taste buds with some of the wonderful locally produced olive oil and other typically Puglian delicacies. Aeg planeeritud 4h.

Brindisi (Lecce):

  1. Get your fill of the wonderful Puglian city of Brindisi, whose origins date right back to the 16th century B.C., from the comfort of a modern coach on this leisurely sightseeing tour. First up is the Gothic-Romanesque-style Church of Santa Maria del Casale, a somewhat monolithic building of late 13th-century construction with a striking faade of grey and yellow stones that is situated a short drive from the city. After some time to view the interior, complete with 14th-century frescoes, your coach returns to the city to drop you off in the old town, which you will then have a chance to explore on foot. Your starting point will be the columns of the Appian Way that head a staircase which in turn leads to Brindisi?s 12th-century Romanesque cathedral ? the place where both King Ruggero II and his son, Frederick II, got married. As you continue your walk down the main street of the old town, further stops will be made at the gorgeous Church of San Giovanni al Sepolcro, which was constructed in the 1100s and featres a circular plan, as well as at the San Pietro degli Schiavoni Roman archaeological excavations, which continue to remind visitors of the past ? all the while overlooked by the modernist architecture of the Teatro Verdi, which was inaugurated only in December 2006. After some free time to explore the modern part of the city, the tour concludes with your return to the ship. Please note: guests using a wheelchair can take part, but should be aware that a few steps will be encountered at the church entrance. A helper to get on/off the coach must accompany wheelchair guests. Wheelchairs must be foldable, as the coach has no ramps or lifts. Once onboard, please contact Excursions Desk staff promptly so they can help make arrangements. Conservative attire recommended for visiting sites of religious importance. Aeg planeeritud 4h.
  2. A 40-minute coach ride to the south of Brindisi will take you to a place that is often called the Florence of the south, the lovely old Puglian town of Lecce, which was influenced and shaped by periods of Roman, Greek, Ostrogoth and Norman rule. Celebrated both for its more than 2,000-year history and a wealth of Baroque-style buildings, Lecce is well worth exploring, which this enjoyable sightseeing tour gives you a chance to do in the best way possible: on foot. From the beautiful Piazza S. Oronzo in the heart of the city and the impressive Roman Amphitheatre, through the Church of the Holy Cross, which took a staggering 345 years to build and was finally completed in 1695, and the mid-16th-century Castle of Charles V, right up to the Baroque-style Celestines Convent and the magnificent Piazza del Duomo in the town centre, Lecce rewards visitors with lovely views and vistas by the score. Do take your camera and make lasting memories to show the folks at home. After your guided tour, there will still be some time for you to stroll around or to do some shopping before beginning your pleasant return journey back to the port through the appealing Puglian countryside. Please note: guests using a wheelchair can take part, but should be aware that a few steps will be encountered at the church entrance. Conservative attire recommended for visiting sites of religious importance. Aeg planeeritud 4h.
  3. Leave the port with a local guide and drive along the highway to Ostuni, the white lady stands on three hills in the area of Murge. It was an important Greek Roman city in the first century AD. The picturesque medieval village with its white houses with winding streets and cobbled alleyways dominates the plains below. The brightness of its whitewashed houses sets against the pink-tinged brown of its main monuments. Bits of baroque twist out of unexpected places, including the obelisk, 21 m high, devoted to SantOronzo. Its own cathedral is the most eloquent expression of the importance of this town. It has an important façade in late gothic style belonging to XV century. Visitors will be captured by Delias story, a woman who died 25.000 years ago. She was pregnant when she died and her skeleton together with her phoetus was discovered in Ostuni in 1991. A particular mix of characteristics makes Ostuni the most typical example of Apulian town architecture. The tour includes a visit to a typical oil mill with a tasting session of olive oil. Please note: conservative attire recommended for visiting sites of religious importance. Aeg planeeritud 4,5h.

Loodetavasti on abiks.

Tore informatiivne kirjeldus. Kuna ise ka sinnapoole teel ja Puglia kohta suht vähe infot, siis huvitaks ka üldine info selle piirkonna kohta. Ehk on keegi viimasel ajal külastanud ja viitsib siin kogemusi jagada?

Baris pole küll käinud, aga Leccet julgen soojalt soovitada, barokkstiilis vanalinna pärast. Leccet kutsutakse ka Lõuna-Itaalia Firenzeks, ja õigusega. Seal oli väga mõnus lihtsalt ringi lonkida ja vahetevahel mõnes baaris veini võtta.

Päris rannapuhkuseks Puglia just parim paik ei ole, kuigi randu on ja ujuda saab paljudes kohtades. Aga mööda rannnamaanteed ringi kulgedes leiab mitmeid põnevaid kohti (näit. grotid), ja vaated on muidugi lummavad. Ja muidugi kohalikud veinid (primitivo, negroamaro, nero di troia etc)

Bari on suurem ülikoolilinn, nagu maakonnakeskus, pole viga, sealt väljuvad paljud rongi- ja bussiliinid, Lecce ilus väiksem ajalooline linnake. Sealkandis kõikjal rannad tasulised. Kui juba sinnapoole lähete, julgen soovitada Alberobellot ja Castellano Grotte`t ( ekskursioon koobastes, väga ilus ). Maitse asi, kus peatute, aga vaadake, et elamises oleks kliimaseade, või vähemalt võrk akna ees, seal on palju vastikuid moskiitosid !

Olen külastanud Leccet juba mitmeid kordi ning julgen soovitada seda igati - haara üks külm valge vein ning eksi neis lõputuna näivates kitsastes vanalinna tänavates ära - välja jõuad sa nagunii :)

Ja Bari on vaid 1,5h rongisõidu tee kaugusel Leccest, mis pole üldse ületamatu sõit, soovitan külastada mõlemat.

Aitäh heade soovituste eest! Valisin Lecce ning pean tõedema, et tegemist on kindalsti nüüd ühe minu lemmik paigaga Itaalias. Arberobellost ja Polignano A Marest sõitsime läbi, kindlasti väärivad need linnad külastamist. Julgen soovitada ujumiseks ja rannatamiseks Grotta Della Poesiat, Torre Dell'Orsot, Perculuset. Kuigi Augustis muidugi kõik rannad väga üle rahvastatud. Aga see ei takistanud meil chillimist :) Ylenia kaudu võtsime ka ca 3h Foodie touri Lecces, tegime tutvust kohalike toorainete ja toitudega, lisaks linna vaatamisväärsused, meie jäime rahule: Lecce arhitektuur on väga huvitav, Middle-Eastern mõjutustega Itaalia :) Kohalikke turiste, just noori oli palju ning tegemist oli väga elava linnaga. ca kella 21 paiku hakkas rahvas sööma kogunema ning veel pool kaks öösel ei paistnud, et keegi magama hakkaks minema, lihtsalt meie väsisime ära :)