Transiit läbi Stockholmi

Tere! Kas keegi on viimasel ajal läbi Stockholmi koju lennanud?

Kui vahepeal lennujaamast välja ei lähe, kas siis on neg. test nõutav?

Tänud ette!

The following categories are exempted from the entry ban and will be allowed to enter Sweden regardless of departure country, but need to bring a negative covid-19 test if they do not reside in Sweden:

  • Air passengers in transit.

The following types of tests for COVID-19 are approved: Antigen tests, PCR tests, LAMP tests and TMA tests. Antigen tests exist in the form of rapid tests for ongoing COVID-19 infection.

The test can not be older than 48 hours.

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Exceptions based on need or function

Exceptions can be made for foreigners with particularly urgent personal needs or who are to perform essential functions in Sweden, such as

  • transit passengers, meaning passengers who only change planes and only stay in the international transit area of the airport without passing through passport or customs control 

Kas keegi reaalselt on Stocholmi kaudu lennanud ning kas testi on küsitud? Nimelt tahaks Hispaaniast lennata Stocholmi kaudu Eestisse. Oleme covidi läbi põdenud ning Eesti testi sel juhul ei vaja. Stocholmist lennujaamast ei välju